I’d really like to know who did the drawing in “Amsterdam Kill” - they did a nice job. 

Actually, what I _really_ want to know is who was lucky enough to take the finished product home after filming wrapped up.

Make me choose between…
Anonymous asked: Jessica Fletcher or Richard Castle?



I am really into this

Omg it’s my favorite song! Classical guitar midi style!

This blog is glorious, Murder She Wrote is an absoute classic, keep up the mystery hunting! :)

Thank you ;)

Jessica Fletcher
So good, no one can catch her.
No one is better.


Fans of Eve Simpson will be pleased to see that she gets the spotlight this month on the Killer Characters blog.

Jessica Fletcher + How to Deal with Jerks

Looks peaceful, don’t he?"
“No Mr. Cobb he looks dead.
“Murder, She Wrote” 1x02. God I love this show.

Remember when Netflix took down MSW and then put it back? They put up a different cut it seems—-at least of The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes.  I’m watching part 2, where JB’s on the bus and doesn’t have exact change. She asks The Goonies lady if she has 4 quarters for a dollar and The Goonies lady says that, no, she has 3 quarters for a dollar. Jess used to say something about it and The Goonies lady would respond “hey, it beats welfare” or something similar but that bit  is now gone! So’s the bit where the bus driver says something about how paying her money earns her a seat and her response about staying and his about the white line, etc.

Of course, they leave in the bit where they play on the fears of White America’s fear of the “Menacing Young Black Man.”